We understand your needs and constraints and therefore our experts will go meet you to offer you the best solutions adapted to your own reality.

If you are not sure of your requirements, but know that there are things you can improve, we can conduct a full audit of your IT infrastructure and your processes. We would then give you a report including clear proposals in terms of equipment investments and/or processes to be modified according to your workflows.

If you know your requirements and understand what you need, our sales team will offer you the best prices in the industry for the purchase or rental of equipment!

From the design of assembly rooms, in collaboration with your architectural teams, to the installation and configuration of equipment and/or the training of your teams, we can support you in all stages of your project. We have the expertise in installing the equipment that you have purchased, and we have also been fully trained to service this equipment.

Availability, quality and versatility: this is what qualifies the DXM Technology team and its services. In addition, thanks to our online technical support platform, your needs and problems will be answered quickly and efficiently.

Our online support platform allows you to get quick access to our first available technician, to follow up on all your tickets and to centralize your technical support requests.

If you don't have a full-time technical director, we also offer technical support services - . let us do the work! , We will offer the services of a technical director from our team (whether on call or according to an established schedule) to service your IT equipment, support you in the development of your postproduction workflows and undertake a full technological watch so that you can efficiently follow the market trends.

We offer the option of benefiting from discounts on our hourly rate by purchasing a bank of hours for support or technical direction.

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We offer the services of a broad group of technical directors, editors, assistant editors and coordinators, either for a short-term replacement or for a longer period, who are competent in various areas of expertise and who are available for any type of project. We even offer them the necessary additional training for your specific workflows.

Our Areas of Expertise

  Post production

Centralized Storage

High Performance Network Infrastructure

Room Design Editing

Sale and Equipment Installation

Monitor Calibration

Workflow Design

Maintenance and IT Equipment Updates

Asset Management

Archive Management and Back-Up

System Automation

Technical direction

360 Degree Review

  On air delivery system

Online « streaming » system

Asset management

Automation system

Media storage and archiving

  Live broadcast

Social media broadcast


Broadcast via wireless transmission (cellular)


Robotic camera

Integrated system

Our Business Sectors

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Production Houses

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Community Television


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